Saturday, February 7, 2009

Esref Armagan-The Painter With No Eyes

I had to add this to My Favorite Artists series because this is just an astonishing story.

Esref Armagan was born with no eyes, and has had no formal art training, and yet is able to create paintings and drawings without having seen anything in his life.

In terms of artistic fundamentals, his paintings and drawings contain correct perspective, and depth. In his paintings, he manages horizon, depth of field, shadow, and the correct color combinations, again all with no eyesight, or having seen what he is painting.

He was born to an impoverished family in Turkey, and as a child taught himself to write and print. When he is painting in oils, he uses his fingers to apply the paint, and must wait until each color dries before applying the next color.

I hope you have enjoyed this fantastic story, and share it with anyone that you may know of that might benefit from it, as Mr. Armagan's accomplishments are truly amazing.

Visit the Esref Armagan Website.

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