Thursday, January 30, 2020

Fishing Boats Graphite Drawing

I worked on this drawing a few days ago and posted it as a WIP.
Two people said I should keep the drawing as is, and do a new drawing instead for the Watercolor

After thinking it over that sounded like a good Idea.
Hope you can find a home for this drawing.

Monday, January 27, 2020

WIP Blue & White Fishing Boats - Staithes

Blue & White Fishing Boats Drawing
I just love the composition of this, and the shapes of the Fishing Boats.
Not sure yet what the background is going to be, a nice sky for sure, the late afternoon sun is hitting the boats in the foreground, so it needs to be a very warm painting.

For this one I am not going to use ink, so I used a 2H pencil to pencil in the line.
I wonder how much of the pencil will show through when it is painted?
Staithes by Mathew Cooper FLICKR cc-by-2.0

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