Thursday, April 21, 2016

Urban Sketching Workshop with Artist Don Colley

My sketch of Granville Island
with Faber Castell Gray brush Pens
Don with two workshop participants

On Tuesday April 19th I was lucky to attend an Urban Sketching Workshop at Granville Island with a fantastic Chicago artist Don Colley. Without question this was the best workshop that I have ever attended.

Don spent the first hour discussing tips, tricks, and methods and best practices with the subject of Urban Sketching. We were fortunate that he brought several of his sketchbooks with him so that we could view them up close, while flipping through the pages as he spoke to us. And I must say that photos just don't do justice to the images in his sketchbooks.
In the first hour he gave a great demonstration using Faber CastellFaber-Castell - Pitt Artist Pens Set Of 6 Brush Tips-Shades Of Grey

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Brush pens, and did a quick portrait study of one the folks in our group, talked at great length at how to use the pens with different values and how to apply them to various types of paper, including toned paper.

He is very energetic and enthusiastic when he is sharing his knowledge with everyone, and you just can't help but getting inspired to get out there and paint. He was also willing to share every bit of his knowledge with us and answer any and all questions that we had.

All and all it was a wonderful creative experience that I shall always remember and cherish. If you have a chance to attend a workshop with him by all means "go for it"!!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Watercolor Sketch of Venice

Am very happy, that for the first time have finished a Watercolor Sketch in one session that I am happy with......things are looking up.

This is a Watercolor of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice after the photo by "Franklin", on Paint My Photo website.

8" x 5" Watercolor & Micron Pen on Moleskine 90LB Art Watercolor Journal 

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