Friday, November 25, 2011

el Diablo Chocolate Final Printing

This is a scan of the actual business card for my friend in Whistler, we picked them up from the printer this afternoon.  It is a bit different than my original design, as I was unable to provide the printer with a large enough file, so they had to recreate it from a printed copy.

So why? I did my original design in MS Word using WordArt, the bad news appears to be that you cannot save the image from Word into a usable image for the printing shop. If anyone has a solution to that please let me know.

The solution for any future commercial art projects is to use the proper software program.
I downloaded a free open source alternative to Adobe Illustrator called Inkscape. So far it is a challenge to figure out, but they have a number of tutorials built into Help, so will have to spend some time in the learning curve.

Please let me know what you think

My client wants to tweak it a bit on the next order of labels and business cards.

I am very happy with the final result, it pops off the page, electric. And my friend is getting orders for her chocolates, so please wish her much success, she deserves it


  1. Hi Terry. Thanks for the visit. I loved your portrait photos. What a great idea! The card is awesome too. Hope she sells lots of chocolates.

  2. you have nice idea use chocolates and creative things Free Business Cards


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