Thursday, November 18, 2010

279 Days To Overnight Success

Let me start off with a Question. When is the last time that you read something, and could not stop reading it until you finished it completely, soaking up and absorbing every word?

For me it was yesterday when I came across a remarkable "Manifesto" by Chris Guillebeau called 279 Days To Overnight Success, on his website "The Art Of Non-Conformity".

There is an ocean of hype on the internet about Blogging, Marketing, and get rich schemes on the internet these days, and I am confident that if you make the effort to read 279 Days, you will get the straight facts on how to take your project from idea to success within a reasonable amount of time.

Without going into a long, detailed, and perhaps boring review of what he has written, let me just say that I was;
  • Inspired
  • Invigorated
  • Motivated
after reading his remarkable views and sound advice on taking your next project to a successful outcome.

So head on over and read 279 Days To Overnight Success. You can download it for FREE.

Would love to hear what you think after reading it, please feel free to leave a comment.


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