Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marketing For Artists-Run Your Own TV Ad For An Affordable Price

If you are an artist, and you have a budget for some advertising, how would you like to create your own ad for TV and be able to run it on national TV within your budget at an affordable cost? For those of you who answered yes, read on.

Leave it to Google Adwords to come up with something new, Google TV Ads that allows you to upload your own TV ad promoting your product, and Google will have it run on the TV networks that you choose, at the time that you choose, and you can begin by entering at the start the budget that you have available for your Ad campaign. This is an amazing idea when you think of it, I mean how many people in general can afford to run an Ad on TV let alone an Artist?

The video above is self explanatory, and was created by Seth Stevenson, who set up a goofy self produced video, and created a website for people to click on in order to track how many visitors could be attracted to the website.

OK, so how did I come across this information? I have been studying Internet Marketing for almost two years now, and have been following a very successful Internet marketer by the name of Frank Kern, and clicking on his name will take you to one of his websites where you can sign up for free, and get all kinds of free cutting edge solutions on building a successful Internet Business. I am not an affiliate for any of Frank's programs, and I won't make a dime from linking to him, but he gives away a bunch of good stuff.

So for you Artists out there looking for more ways to draw traffic to your blog or website, this might be something useful to look into.

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