Saturday, January 2, 2010

View Of Mount Rundle From Vermillion Lakes

Mount Rundle, Banff, Alberta, Canada

I visited my brother and his family for Christmas in 2009, and had a wonderful time over the holidays, with wonderful friends, lots of good cheer and plenty of fantastic food.

On December 23rd we went to our favorite photo taking spot in Banff to get some shots of Mount Rundle, which is probably the most photographed mountain in Banff National Park.

It was -21C on that day, very cold and crisp, and the photo was taken in the late afternoon as the sun was close to setting. I managed to capture the glow of the afternoon light, and the colors were just wonderful.

This was taken with my trusty Canon Powershot.


  1. Wow what stunning scenery, you are so lucky to be able to capture such sights!

  2. Yes I am lucky, I was born in Calgary 60 minutes away from Banff, and have spent a lot of time in the Rocky Mountains.
    If you are into eye candy like me, Banff is always a great place to visit summer or winter.

    My next plan is to do a Watercolor and Oil painting of Mount Rundle.

  3. Looking at this photo you took I am reminded of John Keat's famous quote "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.." Looking forward to view your painting of Mount Rundle in your next post. Photos like these are truly a poet's and an artist's inspiration ! :-)

  4. Thanks very much, that was very thoughtful.

  5. Nice photo. Am looking forward to your painting of Mt Rundell. I have never made it as far north as Banff but is one of those places on my bucket list. Have seen a lot of photos of the area and bet it is a great place for paintings. Of course, Rungius was always a favorite artist of mine and he started out just over the hill from us.[Pinedale, Wyoming}

  6. Thanks very much Gary.
    If you ever make the trip to Banff, you will not be disappointed, as the scenery is breathtaking
    Bring warm clothing though, even in summer.


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