Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dave Ivey-Graphic Designer & Commercial Illustrator

Custer-(c) Dave Ivey
Crow Quill, Pen, Ink and Watercolor
On Illustration Board

Dave Ivey is another artist in my series of My Favorite Artists and has been a Graphic Designer and Commercial Illustrator for over thirty years. I discovered his work recently on Redbubble, and have become one of his newest fans ever since.

Dave's drawing skills are superb which I admire, as drawing I feel is the foundation of all good art. The better you are at drawing, the better your artwork will be as can be seen in the beautiful illustration of Custer above.

I also love the way that he leaves some areas unpainted, leaving it to the imagination of the viewer as to how it could look. I find this to be a very unique approach to visual imagery.

The wet on wet watercolor technique with the subtle blending and merging of colors also leads the imagination, and pulls the painting together in a masterful style.

Visit Dave Ivey's profile on Redbubble, and view more amazing works.
The image Custer is copyright Dave Ivey, permission to use in this post granted by the artist.

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  1. Beautifully done. The subject is so full of character. And the colors are exquisite.


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