Friday, December 19, 2008

Eye Of The Totem-Watercolor Painting After The Photograph By Flickr Photographer Tim Ennis

7" x 7"
Watercolor on Watercolor Board
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I have always been fascinated with Totem Poles, particularly the work of the Haida Aboriginals, located on the West Coast of Canada in British Columbia.

I often wished however that they painted their Totem Poles in colors that were more pleasing to me than the standard colors of Black, Green, Red, and White. This was my attempt to produce a design that contained colors that reflect more of a West Coast feel to them, reflecting the mood of blue water, with a teal accent.

I also imagined that each Totem was a living work of art, and in my imagination what you see in the painting is the reflection of what the Totem is seeing in the reflection in it's eye. The reflection is a lonely Arbutus tree hanging on to the rock above a seascape.

This is a derivative work, and permission to use the original photograph Wuikinuxv Eye was kindly granted by brilliant Flickr Photographer Tim Ennis.

I use Winsor & Newton Watercolors exclusively
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  1. just checking out your blog. Wonderful fresh looking art. Some great stuff here.
    God bless and keep it up


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