Thursday, December 17, 2009

Langdale To Horseshoe Bay Watercolor Painting

6" x 4.5"
Watercolor Painting

This is the second of four paintings that I am doing for Christmas presents. This is also done in the style of Ukiyo-e, and part of a series of paintings based on the views from my ferry trip to Gibson's BC in July of this year.

This was quite a challenge as I was using a cheaper Watercolor Block, and it wrinkled up quite a bit when I was putting in the wash for the sky.

My solution was to try out the set of Derwent Watercolor Pencils that my brother gave me last summer. I must admit I feel more comfortable using drawing medium than I do painting. Once the color was laid in, it was easy to apply a water wash and blend the colors in. Additional layers of color were added after the paint was dry.

You might want to give the Derwent Watercolor Pencils a try.

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