Saturday, December 13, 2008

Plant On Ceramic Tile-Original Watercolor Painting

21" x 15"
Original Watercolor

This watercolor painting requires some explanation. Sometimes as an artist I get a "vision" and this was my attempt at transforming that vision into reality.

While I was walking into an old building at Granville and Broadway in Vancouver, I looked down and saw this beautiful old tile, and thought it would look neat if it had a landscape painted in the tile.

After that I thought it would look even more surreal if there was a plant that I had, sitting on the tile and you were looking down at it. Don't ask me where this comes from, except my imagination.

Most people discribe it as "interesting", I guess because it is not obvious what it represents. I was quite happy with the way the plant turned out though.

Buy the original painting $90.00/us-contact me at tkrysak@gmail for details.
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